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With the aim of providing support for organisations with service level requirements, WBSgo has designed a set of yearly subscriptions associated to products. These subscriptions are divided in different service levels so each organisation can select the one who suits their needs better.

This model is based in:

  • Single payment:Single payment:  Once you buy the subscription, you get immediate access to all the tools that are necessary to buy, administrate and manage the selected product, based in the dimension of you architecture. You never pay anything as a license cost, as all the payment is based in the perception of a service.
  • SLAs Support:  Each client can select the subscription that is more adequate depending on its service level requirements.
  • Global support:  Our products are created as a complete solution ready to be exploited. We do not make differencesamong operating systems, applications, networks, etc. We provide support services to the entire solution.
  • Reactive support:  You will be able to register incidence caused by a product operating problem by using the different communication channels and depending on the type of subscription you have contracted.
  • Consultancy support:  You will be able to registera restricted number of consults related to administration and use of the associated product depending on the type of subscription you have contracted.
  • Proactive support:  Our support centre will keep you informed of all the upgrades and updates concerning the product that you have contracted by a proactive notification system. In the subscriptions that include it our service department will also:
     · Find the best time to install reviews remotely.
     · Find the best time to install a new version remotely or in person (as required).
  •  Versions life-guarantee:  After the subscription you will get support for the initially installed version. Unless there is a case offorce majeure, you will not be obliged to change the contract in the next 2 years (starting from the hiring date), with the best support guarantee for that period.

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